1.  Let's Talk.

When you first call OPTO, tell us about your merchandise, style preferences, and timelines. Fill us in on your concerns, expectations, constraints, and the demands of your business. Our designers are ready to explain and prepare your team for the process ahead.

2.  Meet your designer.

Your designer is your line of communication to everyone behind the scenes at OPTO, handling your project every step of the way. During our initial consultation, we provide you with the creative and technical support that helps you find the solution that’s right for your unique environment. We’ll work to build a personal relationship with you – and ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction.

3.  Your Vision, Our Options.

After we understand your project scope, we start to discuss all your options. Our catalog and website highlight only a few; the real value of OPTO is in the possibilities we create specifically for you. As your designers, we open your eyes to fresh new ideas that fit within your budget and timeline.

4.  Exploring Your Solution.

Once we understand your requirements, we'll provide you with an itemized quotation and a visual presentation to make sure our solution is your solution. We work together to refine your vision, adjust to new factors, and fine-tune your suite of products to make sure you receive the best possible solution for your particular merchandise and space.

5.  Let’s Get Rolling.

Once you're ready to go, so are we! With a signed proposal in hand, our engineering and order team prepares all documentation necessary to fabricate your order. No need to sweat the details; we have everything covered.

6.  Manufacturing + Assembly.

We manufacture all our products locally. We don't outsource. We don't offshore. The people who build your products are just a short walk away from your designer. Our team of master builders ensures your vision is built to withstand the test of time.

7.  Custom Packaging
+ Shipping.

We custom-pack your product with a level of precision and care you won't get anywhere else. We coordinate with each client on special requirements and communicate through the entire shipment process.

8.  Easy Installation.

OPTO modular displays are so easy to install, you'll be wondering why everything can't be this simple. We confirm every order has a packing list and detailed assembly drawings so you know what goes where and in what order. No hassle, no worry.

9.  Your Success, Your
Next Project.

At the end of each project we’ll give you a friendly call to make sure that everything went smoothly, confirming that all of your expectations were met. We also like to hear about your upcoming year. More display challenges coming your way? OPTO is ready to provide your team with more innovative solutions.