GlobalShop 2019 at RetailX

OPTO International exhibited at the newly revamped RetailX 2019 on June 25-27, which merged previous industry staple shows GlobalShop, IRCE and RFID to create a major marketplace of idea exchange and relationship building over three action-packed days. OPTO had a major story to tell - we unleashed our new brand, logo and colors, integrally blended into our bustling booth.


OPTO's booth was a microcosm of OPTO's vast custom and modular capabilities. The front of the booth was a completely self-contained modular pop-up shop, a structure that can be put together anywhere - malls, stadium concourses, inside department stores, you name it. The pop-up shop at the show was an on-the-go, convenience-focused store that you might find at an airport or travel center. But the size, shape and theme of the pop-up structure can be completely customized to fit any venue or category. Small bags of Garrett's, Chicago's iconic popcorn brand, were flying off the pop-up shelves throughout the 3-day period.


The back of the booth showcased high-end men's apparel and footwear products, displayed upon a show-stealing pixel wall. Across from this wall was a bar counter area with alluring, backlit graphics above the backwrap, as well as cocktail glassware on glass shelving and wall-integrated showcases. Across the top was a long wooden trellis, with pendant lights hanging to complete the look and feel of a speakeasy.


The booth garnered major attention throughout the show, and was rewarded with a 2019 Best Booth Design award.