OPTO has hired Tim Nisbet as its new Chief Executive Officer, as OPTO looks to take its new capabilities and grow into new markets. Over the last seven years, Tim was the President of GFX International, specializing in signage/retail communications. He originally met the Founder/CEO in the stands of his daughter’s softball game. Tim and his colleagues sold GFX successfully in January of 2018, but Tim then stayed with the company and helped integrate with the parent company, Imagine.    


Tim grew up in Mt. Prospect, IL.  He is recently engaged, and between he and his fiancee, the two of them have seven children.  An alma mater of the University of Iowa, Tim bartended for three years to put himself through school.  His first major role was with Worldmark, a Scottish-based company which manufactured pressure sensitive labels for the high-tech industry. Tim opened the R&D office in Silicon Valley in 1999 and worked with companies like Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Agilent Technologies, and others.


Tim then became the 4th employee of a start-up company by the name of EPAC Technologies, which printed technical manuals for the high tech industry. They developed a fully automated book printing system that was ultimately licensed to Ingram. Tim was integral in developing partnerships all over the world and he traveled all over Asia and Europe to support tech manufacturing plants. He had a particular fondness for his time in Hong Kong and Rome during this period.  


Tim brings some serious high-level business development and operations experience to OPTO. He is hoping to have some fun and learn from everyone here as he begins building OPTO's future business development and sales strategy.