2023 PGA Championship Store

Rochester, New York

Legends global merchandising team worked closely with OPTO to plan and execute a successful retail experience at the 2023 PGA Championship. The revamped retail experience at this year's tournament spanned over 50,000 square feet and featured more than 1,200 different apparel items and accessories. To support this, fixtures from OPTO’s Edge and Reveal collections were selected for their flexibility and variety of options. As a result, this year's tournament was able to significantly expand merchandise offerings and drive record sales.


As a solution to combat the uneven site conditions typically found at outdoor venues, OPTO designed and engineered custom shadowboxes built from lightweight materials for easy assembly. Each ten-foot-tall, free-standing shadowbox featured fabric graphics and integrated lighting. They also incorporated standard OPTO accessories, allowing Legends to leverage their flexibility, even across different types of sporting events.

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