94.9 The River and Idaho Statesman

Boise, Idaho

Airport retail is no longer an afterthought. Long gone are the days of hastily-constructed properties sporadically placed throughout terminal concourses. Airports are now bustling commerce centers, requiring every bit the experience and sophistication of brick-and-mortar retailers. Paradies Lagardère has expertly spearheaded this revolution of transportation hub retail. Paradies and OPTO have been trusted partners for over a decade, enlivening airport stores of all varieties. Here, OPTO bolstered both form and function of 94.9 The River. Perimeter wall with Premier components line the store walls for efficient merchandise placement, and floor fixtures with integral Megawall panels and casters allow for ultimate flexibility.

ClientParadies Lagardere Travel Retail
PhotographerCharlie Mayer Photography
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94.9 The River and Idaho Statesman at Boise Airport
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