COVID-19 Safety Solutions for Supermarkets, Hospitals and Retail

Chicago, Illinois

COVID-19 is immediately changing the way that essential businesses and facilities interact, organize, and do business. Get ahead of this evolution with some new solutions in your supply areas and transaction areas right now that will help minimize the risk of putting yourself and your staff in harm's way.

  • Pop-up securable and private supply rooms to assist health care/hospital teams organize their critical, sensitive supplies and materials, or to assist retailers with temporary, portable retail
  • Mobile, portable counters with adjustable shelving to allow for optimal customer spacing/distancing and curbside pickup
  • Mobile screens/dividers to enhance privacy and safety
  • Freestanding sneeze guards for your existing counters to keep you and customer safe and minimize contact while face-to-face proximity
  • Affordable workstations to help balance the conflict of human volume vs. human social distancing. Also useful when working from home and a desk or workstation is needed that is flat-packed and easily assembled


We recognize that every retail space is different with unique challenges and requirements. We offer a complimentary design service, and can customize a safety solution with you

Time is of the essence. Let's talk today about upgrading the safety of your retail environment! Chat with us on the bottom right hand corner of this page, give us a call at 847-541-6786, or submit an inquiry through our website.





Modular Pop-Up Supply Room
Edge Supply Room
Freestanding Wall Supply Room
Classic Collection Workstation
Classic Collection Workstation
Classic Collection Workstation
Mobile Screen / Divider
Snap! Mobile Cart
Sneeze Guard
Sneeze Guard SNJ
Sneeze Guard Closeup
Sneeze Guard Ben Sherman