Austin, Texas

FORLOH, a manufacturer of high-end hunting apparel made entirely in the USA, turned to OPTO when it opened its first retail store outside of its Montana headquarters in Austin, TX. The store needed to feature the entire portfolio of FORLOH’s American-made hunting and fishing clothing for both men and women, while delivering a shopping experience that supported the company's mission to enable customers to forge deeper connections with the outdoors. OPTO'S fixtures blended seamlessly with the store's design, keeping the focus on the merchandise and the company's brand — a brand whose "made and sourced in USA" ethos and no-concessions approach to quality and technology paired well with OPTO'S own commitment to quality and the American supply chain.

PhotographerCharlie Mayer Photography
FORLOH Store 1
FORLOH Store 2
FORLOH Store 3
FORLOH Store 4
FORLOH Store 5
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