Baltimore, Maryland

Sassanova is a stunning, versatile women's boutique located in the Fells Point neighborhood in Baltimore. Supported by OPTO's modular Reveal tables, Reveal outrigger wall posts, and Edge floor fixtures, Sassanova packs an impressive diversity of merchandise efficiently and attractively in a small footprint. The light-toned finishes and materials of the floor units contrast beautifully with the gold wall standards, providing the store's merchandise with an alluring "pop". OPTO also developed an elegant custom counter to fit within the store's unique space requirements. OPTO furnished two locations of Sassanova in the Baltimore area, with the chosen OPTO systems allowing for a consistent look and feel between both.

PhotographerAlain Jaramillo Photography
Sassanova 1
Sassanova 2
Sassanova 3
Sassanova 4
Sassanova 5
Sassanova 6