St. Louis CITY SC Team Stores

St. Louis, Missouri

When the St. Louis CITY SC opened its inaugural season, it wanted to deliver a retail experience that reflected the passion of its fans and the beauty of its city. To achieve this, the club partnered with Rank + Rally and OPTO to create immersive retail environments for two distinct stores while providing a strong brand presence and limitless merchandising possibilities. Powerful display systems from our Reveal, Evolve, and Edge collections allow each store to present a wide range of merchandise types.

The CITY Pavilion store is a free-standing, two-story building overlooking practice fields used by the team and the local community. The design features bright colors to highlight the large windows and allows patrons to see soccer players on the practice fields below.

The CITY Goods store, located across the street in the stadium, is the team's other store which fans can access during games to pick out all the swag they need to show their team spirit. That store features much of the same merchandise, but within a smaller footprint than the Pavilion store. It is also heavily branded with the team's main colors, red and black, and it features a nod to the various neighborhoods that make up the city of St. Louis through a dimensional map suspended from the ceiling.

ClientSt. Louis CITY SC and Rank + Rally
PhotographerCharlie Mayer Photography
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