The Sue Store at the Field Museum

Chicago, Illinois

One of the Field Museum's most iconic, long-living exhibits is "Sue", the dinosaur skeleton. It has been on display at the museum for nearly 20 years. Along with Sue's worldwide fame comes millions of visitors per year. Hence, the museum needed to meet this volume of fanfare with a powerful, convenient retail presence, to accommodate the furious demand for gifts and souvenirs related to the Sue exhibit.

Being on the 2nd floor of an old building not necessarily designed with retail in mind, the exhibit presented a challenge. The museum staff needed to find an appropriate location for the Sue Store. They situated it immediately outside the exit of the exhibit, where visitors enter OPTO's modular pop-up shop. Specified to specific dimensions, the pop-up structure perfectly fit within the precise constraints on the balcony level of the museum, and it nestles within the architecture as if it were part of the building itself.

ClientLevy Restaurants / Rank & Rally
PhotographerCharlie Mayer Photography
Sue Store 1
Sue Store 2
Sue Store 3
Sue Store 4
Sue Store 5
Sue Store 6