University of California - Davis

Davis, California

Together, OPTO and College Store Design have been revolutionizing collegiate retail for over 15 years. Nowhere else is there such a diversity of merchandise available to be sold within a single retail space. Books, fan gear, apparel, souvenirs, convenience items, electronics, school supplies, you name it - a college store usually has it. Selecting a proper fixturing system that can both handle the vast variety of merchandise, and can withstand the immense amounts of traffic during high times, is paramount. University of California at Davis is a double-level bookstore that found everything they needed in College Store Design's design service, and OPTO's versatile Edge Collection retail displays.

Design FirmCampus Store Design
PhotographerMark Steele Photography
UC Davis 1
UC Davis 2
UC Davis 3
UC Davis 4
UC Davis 5
UC Davis 6

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