Your store's retail checkout counter provides your staff with POS (point-of-sale) areas to do much more than just manage sales and return transactions. Need to store promotional items, increase sales with impulse products, conceal commonly used store supplies, or keep sensitive or valuable items locked up but accessible?
Your retail store counter should have a functional design to meet a wide range of demands – while still remaining affordable and attractive to customers. OPTO can help you develop the perfect retail cabinets to meet your store's needs.

As your store's most important business center, your retail counter displays should coordinate with your store's appearance while delivering superior functionality. Cashwrap areas must be able to handle sales transactions, bagging or wrapping processes, and promotional offers.

This demands a mix of visual appearance and solid, durable functionality. It needs to have purpose-driven design to help your employees perform necessary tasks. Because we work with every client to find the best possible retail counter options for every situation, we can provide you with a retail store counter that is the perfect fit for your store.

Complete Your Store With an Attractive, Functional Retail Counter

Your store is unique, and that quality should be reflected in its interior design and store fixtures. Don't simply go with the same retail checkout counter everyone else is using, choose one that reflects the heart and soul of your business. Our retail counter displays are available in numerous options to perfectly accommodate your store.

Our retail counters feature a wide range of metal powder coat finishes to provide:
  • A beautiful appearance
  • Serious Durability and longevity
  • High-pressure, 3-D laminates to dress up your displays and retail cabinets
  • High-quality, attractive solid-surface countertops

The durability and strength of these materials will give you years of reliable service while still looking fabulous. Even better, these items are proudly made here, within our facility, in Chicago, Illinois.

We've designed our retail store counter options to provide solid ergonomics for a range of heights. Several models include variable, ADA heights, making it easier to serve customers with disabilities. We can provide strong keyed locks for your counters to help keep fragile or expensive items secured safely while still keeping them close at hand for sales or other purposes. Mobile options are available with strong, locking casters, — making it easy to move additional checkouts and customer service counters into different areas of the store during times of high traffic. This comes in handy during times — such as Black Friday or those days after the winter holidays when returns are frequent.

At OPTO, we believe that every retail checkout counter sold should be as unique as the store that uses it. For that reason, we are always happy to work with you to design the perfect solution for your transactional space and your retail sales needs. Please contact us today to get started.