The retail market never stands still. Nor should your options for displaying the products that you know your customers will love. You need versatility, durability and the flexibility to adapt to trends, and OPTO’s freestanding display options are the perfect solution. Designed for easy portability and quick setups, these displays let you take advantage of vertical space, optimize floor space, and yet remain able to reconfigure it all on a moment’s notice or when the next merchandise refresh occurs. Better still, you can choose from a vast selection of finishes, materials and accessories to integrate your displays into the “feel” of your store and your brand.

Among the benefits of our freestanding retail display choices is how they maximize the display possibilities for your store or stores. They are durable and versatile enough to cater to your layout. All of our freestanding display shelves and fixtures are designed to help you turn your store into the perfect showcase to impress customers and build business. Whatever your freestanding display needs, OPTO has the solution.

As one of the most flexible retail solutions, freestanding displays allow you to quickly and easily maneuver them into position, whatever your product line or store space. Conveniently change your shop layout so you can improve sales, refresh appearances and reduce product damage. We have an extensive line of gondola displays that offer various shelving, panel and offset options. You can also choose from H-frames, T-frames, capacity fixtures, and two-way, three-way or four-way options. Our freestanding displays are also well-suited for special sales or holiday/seasonal displays for when you must maximize the number of products available on the sales floor.

Choose the freestanding display rack that fits perfectly with your store design. We offer these systems in various finishes and materials, and have a variety of accessories that you can use to complete your displays in a way that suits your store. All of this flexibility ensures you can find the display solution that meets your needs and maximizes your selling potential.

A freestanding retail display can help change the flow of foot traffic in your store. Boost your sales by giving your customers reasons to stop and really see all of your products in the best light. This type of display can be used to highlight sales items, important products you're trying to move, or complementary items near a high-ticket item (such as camera cases and tripods near the cameras). They are also handy for seasonal items that may need to be moved around the store to determine the best possible location in terms of visibility and sales conversions.

As a vital part of your store's fixture design, freestanding display shelves deliver flexibility, performance and other benefits that help improve sales. At OPTO, we use only high-quality materials to ensure that your freestanding display rack will be not only attractive but durable for years to come. We also recognize that your store deserves a unique approach, and we have a multitude of possibilities — yet no minimum order size. Contact us to discover what our displays can do for your store.