Feature Table with Reveal Recessed Channel

When it comes to showcasing your store's merchandise, retail display tables are an essential part of your display strategy. These store display elements invite customers to take a closer look at your products by creating a handy surface for examining and handling them. This allows a strong level of engagement with your products, which in turn improves their interest in making a purchase. At the same time, this capability can help reduce your returns, as the customer will have ample time to examine the many facets of your products while on the sales floor. Store display tables and entry tables can also be used to direct traffic throughout your store — acting as a strong architectural feature and establishing focal points, while still providing you with superior flexibility in your store's internal layout.

Store display tables can deliver a wide range of merchandise display options. This allows you to quickly switch your display when new inventory comes in or older inventory needs to be replaced. As a portable display medium, retail tables let you display stacks of folded items as well as orderly rows of products — whether boxed or otherwise prepared for display – and also allow for cross-merchandising. They're very flexible in terms of quickly changing your store's layout in response to seasonal and holiday trends. What’s more, they can be used as showcases for featured items or to hold a massive number of products to help you deal with large or small inventory quantities.

Retail display nesting tables can be laid out as multiple parts of a tiered display, used for standalone displays, and be tucked away under other tables, ultimately saving you valuable stockroom space. Retail nesting tables also allow you to quickly add or remove merchandise display space, so you can quickly organize and differentiate coordinating products, sizes and colors while retaining a pleasing visual display.

Options such as retail display nesting tables and other multilevel table displays give you many opportunities to draw the prospective customer's eyes exactly where you want them. By changing the visual level of products in your display, you can keep your customers visually engaged. Retail tables also work well with a number of other display props, including table-top stands, clothing and jewelry display forms, signs and locking cases.

At OPTO, we can provide you with retail tables in a wide range of materials and formats, allowing you to customize your display to your store's specific needs and budget. Available in stationary and rolling options, you can choose the options you need to optimize your store display tables to get the design elements your store requires now with the flexibility to meet all your future needs.

If you have any questions about our wide range of retail nesting tables, please reach out today for more details.