Whether you sell apparel, footwear, housewares, gifts or other items, you can do it better with the right retail wall display systems from OPTO. Tell your brand’s story and attract customers to your products by making the most of retail wall shelving! With our diverse retail wall systems, you have useful tools for featuring products on the perimeter of your location. Hang clothes, display jewelry, promote a new product line or showcase sales where they’ll be easy to see.

From our eight-module tiled wall system to our single-post wall system of cubbies, all of our retail wall shelving products are specially designed to help make your store’s layout as functional as possible. Use them as part of your overall store display, use them to finish a corner, or tuck them away into previously unnoticed nooks — whatever works best for you.

Our retail wall fixtures help you minimize wasted floor space, while also creating highly functional areas to showcase merchandise. Display your complete line of athletic shoes on wall shelving units; highlight a product line of housewares on a post wall system with back panels; or feature periodicals and informational materials in a perimeter wall system with edge posts. Whatever you sell, wall systems make it easier to effectively promote your products. With our flexible shelving designs, you can adapt units to your store and products. Use them in any retail location!

Building walls are one of the most basic elements of your store design — but they can also be prominent display tools when you incorporate retail wall shelving products from OPTO.

With our retail wall systems, you gain:
  • A better way to take advantage of wall space
  • Enhanced and visually interesting tools for highlighting products
  • Greater efficiency and organization in your store layout
  • Customizable shelving combinations
  • A broad selection of versatile wall options to incorporate into your unique store
  • Products made in America
  • No minimum order size

Backed by more than three decades in the industry, OPTO is your resource for quality, time-tested fixtures that adapt to the ever-changing trends in retail. We don’t just sell shelves or fixtures, we sell systems of many varieties — so they can integrate to create exciting, immersive, adaptable environments for your products. We work with retailers of all sizes and types of products to provide the best display solutions for their stores.

Ready to learn more about our catalog of options and how we can help your store? Reach out today!