Flexible Solutions for Temporary Retail

We believe that pop-up retail systems must be adaptable to all the unlimited shapes and sizes of temporary spaces. So we tailor our display solutions specifically to your needs—with the durability, flexibility, and mobility found in all of OPTO’s modular systems.

Sue Store Pop-Up

A Modular Holiday Pop-Up Shop

See how we went from an empty concourse to fully operational in less than 24 hours!

King Tut Snap

Snap! Temporary Displays

Trade shows and events are more popular than ever. And with only seconds to capture someone’s attention, a strong visual presence is critical. Our temporary displays are quick and easy to assemble.

Hudson Pop-Up

Pop-Up Shops

A comprehensive retail space with a permanent feel, the pop-up system is a series of walls, columns, bases and soffits that easily connect together. Perfect for stadiums, this flexible and easy-to-assemble system significantly reduces your construction time.

Incubator Pop-Up

Retail Incubators

Incubators are a perfect low-risk opportunity for e-commerce retailers to test brick-and-mortar initiatives with the freedom of a short-term lease, or for brands to expand their reach into the immediacy of concourse purchases.

Mobile Merchandise Carts

Mobile Merchandise Carts

The ultimate in flexibility, OPTO's mobile cart can be moved anywhere in your venue where foot traffic is abundant. Our full menu of modular accessories can be utilized in unlimited ways, along with your graphics or signage.

Stationary Kiosks

Stationary Kiosks

Most airports consist of long, barren hallways and corridors that connect terminals and gates. Convert this wasted square footage into a valuable selling opportunity for your merchandise with our stationary kiosks. Once the business day is over, vertical gates are easily drawn from the top, providing maximum security until they are needed again.

Clamshell Thumb

Mobile Clamshell

Our Clamshell pop-up shops can be relocated at a moment's notice to different areas inside or outside of the stadium. Clamshells can close and collapse to a smaller footprint, or become a locked, self-contained storage unit when not in use. 

Snap! Easy-Up. Easy-Down. No Tools Required.

See Snap! be constructed, configured, and merchandised in minutes!

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